Wanted to do a New Year's Eve inspired outfit. Been wanting a sequin dress for awhile, but the one's at JCREW were like $100 and I didn't want to pay that much so I was so excited when I found this at F21 a few weeks ago. Even better I had a gift card I hadn't used, so it felt free :)  I wanted to make the dress seem more classy not so "clubby" so I threw a black ruffled button up underneath.

Dress: F21 $34.80 
(I can't find on website but they had a ton in the store! Similar here. If you feel like splurging look here)
Shirt: Old Navy $7 (Couple seasons old. Similar here)
Shoes: Target $29.99 (here)


Floral and leapard. Keep everything else pretty solid when your mixing prints. Match one of the colors from each print somewhere else in the outfit. Simple and chic. 

Shirt: H&M (similar at Nordstrom here)
Belt: F21
Cardigan: Boutique in Italy (similar at Old Navy here
Boots: Miz Mooz King Riding Boot (here)


Had a request to write about something more casual. So wanted to show a couple of my winter cozy favorites. If I'm not getting ready for the day I'm almost always in a hoodie. H&M has my favorite sweatshirts! They are actually men's hoodies, but I love them cause they are longer so you can wear leggings and not feel like your bum is hanging out. They have lots of colors and they are only $20 here

In the winter I like wearing some sort of boot instead of tennis shoes with my sweats/leggings. I picked up these snow boots at Target this year, they are a great staple item. You can wear them with sweats or make them look super cute with jeans, knee high socks bunched down and a chunky sweater. See them here at Target. 

Red Denim

Red Pants were probably one of the things I was most excited about for fall. Color is back! I seriously looked everywhere for red pants this summer because I was so picky about the shade of red I wanted. I was so torn about just giving in and buying the Jbrand ones ($180) but just couldn't do it. So thankful I didn't! I was soooo excited when I saw these at Nordstroms a couple months ago for a quarter of the price. They were the perfect tomato orange, red I had been hunting for! 

Pants: $42 Nordstroms (here
Shirt: F21
Bracalets: Aldo
Watch: Target

When you are wearing colored denim you want to keep the rest of your outfit pretty basic. Stripes, solids, polka dots. You don't want to much going on because the denim is meant to be the statement. 

Seems like everywhere sells red pants now, so they are a lot easier to find. I saw some at Target that were super cute so if $40's is still out of your price range. Check here they are only $23. All the colored denim is amazing! This trend is here to stay.

Plaid & Animal Print

So I fell in love with this picture on pinterest the other day:

I totally plan on wearing this exact outfit, but my problem with it is I think the purse is what makes it unique. What happens when you get to where you are going and set down your purse? It looses that creative edge and looks like a basic plaid shirt. (Don't get me wrong plaid shirts are still super cute) So here is my take on the look.

I wore a grey leopard tank instead of using a leopard purse and still paired it with a plaid shirt.

Tank: F21
Plaid: old 
Sweater: old
Jeans: AG Jeans
Boots: Diesel

Winter White

There has been a known rule in fashion since the 1950's NO white after Labor Day. Ivory and off white weren't considered a fashion faux pas but stark white was a no no. Good news! People caught sporting the color after Labor Day are no longer criticized, but actually considered fashion forward trendsetters. People like Angelina Jolie have helped pave the way for the winter white trend. 

(Angelina last week in New York)

White pants aren't really an option for the winter months in Utah with all the snow and rain or I would totally be sporting them, but there are still other great ways to wear the trend. So pull out your summer white shirts, tunics, and blazers white is back! Here is my take on the winter white trend. 

Accessories are a great way to winterize the look a bit. If it were summer I wouldn't wear the black and gold bracelet. Add a dark bracelet to accent the pure white on top.  

Shirt: Target
Blazer: Target
Leggings: Lauren Conrad
Shoes: Steve Madden 
Bracelet: F21, H&M
Watch: Target 

Men's Socks

I just got this chunky sweater on sale at Old Navy this week. Only $20. Wanted to show another way to wear stripes on stripes from my previous post.

The socks I'm wearing are actually men's socks. I buy a lot of my accent socks from the men's dept. You can usually find great clearance deals on them. This summer Gap had a huge tub of .99 cent socks so I loaded up.

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Shirt: Madwell 
Sweater: Old Navy $20 (here
Jeans: AG Jeans
Shoes: Aldo 
Socks: Gap $1
Bracelet: F21

Stripes on Stripes

Oh my word I love stripes! Stripes are one of those classic trends that will always be around. They make great layering pieces so if you don't have some basic long sleeve stripe shirts it's time to get a couple.   

I got two thin stripped shirts last year at Old Navy that are two of my faves! They don't make the thin striped long sleeve crews anymore but here is something similar if you like the thin stripe (here), or if you just need a stripe crew (here). If you haven't tried their long sleeve shirts before you need to. They usually only cost like $5-$10, great closet basics. You can always find a sale at Old Navy so don't ever buy anything regular price. 

Try layering stripes together, just keep a couple things in mind: 
1. You don't want to layer the same size stripe. 
Mix it up with different widths. The goal is to create dimension with the layers. 
2. You usually want to have one color in both layers 
(i.e. thin tan and white, over large tan and grey, tan is in both) 
3. Throw a solid layer in the mix, it helps break up the stripes and create a base for the viewers eye.

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Necklace: F21 
Long Sleeve Tee: Old Navy $5 (see above links) 
Stripe Sweater: Old Navy $10 (similar here
Chunky Sweater: Street vendor in Italy $5 (similar here
Leggings:  F21 $5.50 (here
Boots: Miz Mooz King Riding Boot $185 (here)  

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