Remember this post? Well... my polka dot pants came! Yay! At first I couldn't decide if I liked them, but for $15 I felt like I couldn't take them back. Now I'm so glad I didn't, love them.

Tank: H&M
Denim: Target
Wedges: Target
Purse: ALDO
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: ILY COUTURE & F21
Shades: H&M

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Neon Contrast

Top: J. Crew
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Old Navy 
Bracelet: F21
Shades: H&M

I love unusual pairs of contrasting colors. I immediately fell in love with this top because of the mint and neon orange. Such a rare combo! I added the bright yellow to bring more attention to the neon colors and create more contrast with the mint.



In honor of Memorial Day, I felt like adding a little red, white, and blue into the mix for a patriotic weekend.

Top: Forever 21
Denim: Nordstrom
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack/Michael Kors
Jewelry: J. Crew/Forever21/Target

Take a moment to remember those who have lost their lives to give us the freedoms we often take for granted! 


Dress It Up - Dress It Down

I love maxi's and fedora's because you can dress them up, or dress them down. 
This hat is super old (Men's Department find a couple years ago at Nordy's) but it is a favorite. 
It seems like a lot more places sell fedoras these days but if you can't find the one your looking for swing over to the Men's. They have great neutral colors that match everything. For some reason they seem to fit better than women's hats too. 

Dress: F21
Hat: Nordstrom similar here
Shoes: TJ Maxx - MIA
Bracelet: H&M

Also on a side note, I changed my IG to @ilycouture. So if your wondering why @christineandrew is now private I switched it to a personal account for my family. Keep in touch with ILY now @ilycouture


Polka Dots

Top: Zara
Shorts: Zara
Belt: F21
Sandals: Target

**Photo Credit: Ciara Richardson Photography
I am always so honored to work with Ciara. 
She is the biggest sweetheart, slash beautiful and talented! If you live in Utah and want some amazing photographs, contact her. You can see her blog here or follow her on IG @ciararich. 
I swear everyone of her IG pics looks like it belongs in a magazine. 

Classic Colors

Top: Target
Shorts: F21 
Flats: Target
Purse: ALDO
Watch: Target
Sunglasses: Nordstroms

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Hope all you Mama's had a great Mother's Day! Loves

Kickin' It

Neon Bright, Comfortable, and Minty Fresh.
Just Kickin' It

Sweatshirt: F21
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Zappos - Converse
Purse: Target - Clearance $2.50!
Sunglasses: ALDO
Bracelet: J. Crew

Thrifty Thursday: Polka Dot Denim

I have been eyeing these pretty little things for some time! If you are a follower you know AG Jeans are my all time favorites. They are so so comfortable and fit perfect.

I played that little debate game in my head, wondering if these polka dot pants would be more of a trend then a staple. Honestly I still don't know the answer but the good news is my decision making got a whole lot easier. This girl I follow on IG (@karlareed) found some at Target on Clearance for $13.98! AMAZING. 

Here's the catch, they are girls denim, but if you are a size 24-27 you will fit in a 12-16 girls. Being all denim runs a little different in sizing here is the general range for sizing:
Size 12 = 24-25
Size 14 = 25-26
Size 16 = 26-27
Here is the link to order at Target
I just ordered mine this morning. Can't wait to get them in the mail! 

Hair Tutorial: Loose Curls

I've had quite a few emails and comments asking how I get my loose, wavvy curls. 
(see full blog post of look below here)

Below is a quick tutorial showing you how I curl my hair from start to finish.
(The video shows up kind of small on the blog, but if you double click on the video and it will take you to the larger screen on youtube :)

Keys when Curling your Hair:
*Curl with clean hair
*Curl away from your face
*Don't curl all the way to the end
(leave 3-6 inches of straight hair, depending on your hair length)
*Brush through your curls

Hope this helps ladies! 
Happy Hair Doing!!


Sweater: Zara
Denim: F21
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: J. Crew & Target


I have frantically been trying to get out orders and pack and clean and get my life organized so I've been super bad at posting last couple days. Next week I will be back on my game! To catch up to date fashion finds while I'm out traveling or just see the shinangins going on in my life follow me on

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Have a great weekend.

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