Going with the Flow

I have really been into flowy tops lately. Pair something loose with something fitted for contrast. 

Blazer: Target
(Another post with blazer here)
Top: Thrifted
Denim: F21 old (similar here & here)
Shoes: MIA
Jewelry: Target & F21
Sunglasses: Nordstrom

This weekend was crazy busy and this week is going to be the same. The posts will probably be a little bit shorter this week. Sorry! Hope you all have a great Monday :)

Spring Scarfs

Wrapping up my stripe obsession week with a stripey scarf. 

Pair a long necklace with your scarf to incorporate a pop of color. Make sure and wrap up the ends  of your scarf into the loop so it looks like an infinity scarf. If you have the ends hanging out it can hide the necklace or distract from the statement piece. 

Shirt: H&M
Denim: AG Jeans
Loafers: ALDO
Scarf: Target
Bracelets: F21

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Pastel Stripes & Chucks

Yesterday I was talking about tucking a dress into shorts or pants. This mint stripey top is actually a dress I folded in half and tucked into my shorts.

Dress-Top: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Shorts: Frankie B
Shoes: Zappos - Converse 
Necklace: ILY COUTURE here 
(Similar to $150 J. Crew style but only $49) 
Watch: ALDO
Bracelets: ALDO

Its a Stripey Week

My cousin came to visit a couple months ago and we got matching dresses (ya we are cool like that). If only she lived closer so we could share clothes!  

I love this striped dress because there are a million different ways to wear it. You can tuck it into jeans, you can layer a long maxi skirt over it so it looks like a top, its super versatile. 

If you don't have a basic stripe cotton dress, now is the time to get one. I always resort to F21 just because I like the way they fit and they are inexpensive but almost everywhere has them. It will become one of those staple items you will wear more than you think!

Dress: F21 (similar here and here and here)
Jacket: F21
Shoes: Zappos - Converse
Accessories: F21

Casual Stripes

Top: J. Crew (on sale-recent)
Jeans: Taverniti So Jeans
Loafers: ALDO
Purse: ALDO
Jewelry: F21

J. Crew is having great sales right now. Extra 30% off sale, plus if you show your student ID you get another 15%. 

Thrifty Thursday: Denim Delight

If you follow me on IG (@christineandrew) you have seen my love for all things denim. Denim jackets, vests, colored denim, if it's denim I probably like it. I have been so excited about denim vests for some reason. Maybe it's because I've had a denim jacket for years so I needed something new to add to the denim craze hitting fashion right now.

I was beyond stoked when I found a denim vest at Urban. (I had been hunting for months!)
I kind of splurged because normally I wouldn't spend $70 on something that isn't a staple item, but it was exactly what I had been looking for, so I impulsively gave in!

A week later I was out thrifting and realized there was a rather large overload of denim jackets, well basically just an overload of denim (this is definitely one of those old trends cycling back around). Anyways, I found this cute Levi's (same brand as Urban one) for $4! Uhmm that's 95% of the price of the other one. It was a no brainer. Return the other one and transform this into a vest!

If you are new to the denim trend. I would say start here. Denim jackets are so cute! They match almost everything. (See them styled on my blog here & here)

So if you already own a denim jacket and want to switch things up a bit, go for a vest! They are super easy to make. 

1. Cut off the sleeves about a quarter inch away from the seam so there is fabric to fray. Start pulling the cross stitches of the fabric so you start to see a fray. (Washing is another great way to amplify the fray) If you want a vest that will match a lot, Walah! Your done. I wanted a more statement piece so I took it a step farther

2. Find a fabric you like to add some contrast. (JoAnn is always a great place to buy fabric. Download there app on your phone for free coupons) I am in LOVE with floral and dots right now so this fabric was the best of both worlds. I wanted it to have that edgy yet organic feel so I only sewed the fabric on one side. Do whatever fits your style! I am still in debate of adding a patch to the back at well, but that's one of the fun things about creating your own clothes is you can continuously change them! 

I can't wait to style this vest! Waiting for the perfect day to bust it out. 

Bottom Line: Denim is in. Get yourself a jacket or vest. If you don't like thrifting here are some affordable jackets under $40 here & here

Pink Lace

Jacket: Old 
(Thrift stores are a great place to find cheap denim jackets)
Top: F21 similar here
Denim: Gap similar here and here
Shoes: TJ Maxx - Steve Madden
Purse: Target
Watch: Target similar here
Bracelet: F21

Hair Tutorial: Messy Bun

A couple weeks ago I asked you guys to send me your questions about fashion, clothes, hair, etc. I love interacting with my readers! I got quite a few inquiries about how I do my hair. 

Kayee wrote:
"I love how you do your hair in a bun like in your March 28 Pop That Collar Post. Could you share how you make your messy bun? It looks so perfect!"

Full post from "Pop that Collar" here

Click on the video below for my how to tutorial on a Messy Bun

(Click on the video to see in full screen)

A few tips when doing a Messy Bun:
* Don't do it with straight hair, it works better with a day old curl or wave
*Don't brush it smooth, part of a messy bun is the mess! :)
 (I like the look of bumps and loose volume)
*If your hair doesn't have any volume you can back comb it a bit before putting it in a bun
*It may take a couple time. Sometimes the first time I put it up its super lopsided or I missed a chunk of hair. Don't stress if it takes a couple times to look right

I will be answering more questions next week. Keep them coming :)
Email to hellofashion123[at]

Motivational Monday

I blame my crazy hair on the wind.

Sweater: Old Navy
(I bought this sweater in a large (usually I'm a small) because I wanted it to be loose and baggy for a more casual look)
Denim: Gap
Flats: Old Navy
Purse: H&M 

Mostly I use this blog to talk about fashion but I heard this quote last week that really stuck out to me:
"If you truly believe you can do something, no one else can tell you otherwise. Don't set out to be different. I set out to be me and people think its different." - Lil Wayne
So true! Whatever you are doing in your life to pursue your dreams keep doing you, because you have something no one else does. 
Show the world what that is. 


Rainy Days are Cozy Days

So this was me 97% of the day yesterday. Hood up, trying to stay dry. We had crazy thunder storms here (which I love) but rainy days are cozy days.

Then all of a sudden the sun came out, maybe it was because my hubby got home from his trip so everyone was EXCITED including the sky.  Whatever it was, today was a good excuse to wear these rain boots I scored on clearance this week at Old Navy $7.99. I had a coupon but they were still on sale for $15 if you don't.

Hoodie: Old from Europe similar here
Denim: J Brand
Boots: Old Navy ($4 cheaper in store)
Sunglasses: American Eagle

When your keeping it casual, your hair is a great way to switch up your look. Messy braids are fast and easy!

Enjoy the weekend! TGIF.

Thrifty Thursday: Beauty Treats

Today I have a guest blogger, one of my best friends Jen. She has the cutest style and well basically my other half when it comes to shopping. 

I am excited to guest post for my bestie Christine today! Yesterday I shared my "Wednesday Wish List" over on our friend Kelli's cute blog,  Instead of clothes, today we are talking about beauty products. Christine and I are both total product junkies - and I love sharing my good finds. Since today is "Thrifty Thursday", she asked me to share some of my favorite and inexpensive finds with her readers. Even if you aren't on a budget - I promise you will LOVE these good deals! 

1. CHAP STICK: One of my girlfriends got me this amazing Sugar chap stick from Sephora for my bridal shower last year.  It came in an a set, and I of course fell in love with the chap stick. Not only does it smell yummy - but it has SPF and kept my lips super hydrated! Once I ran out of my original tube, I ran back to Sephora to pick up a new one. I was shocked they were charging $20! However, I loved it and so I continued to buy it. 

I recently discovered this amazing Maybelline chapstick [at Target - for only $2.99 each!] They come in colors if you prefer a tinted lip [just like the Fresh brand at Sephora does], and they also come in clear for those of us who don't wear color on our lips. It has practically all of the amazing qualities as the Sugar version - And how cute are the tubes?! I love all of the fun colors.

2. BRONZING: These days I stay clear of the tanning beds, and have been trying to wear SPF daily to protect my skin from sun damage! Because of this, I knew I needed to find a really great self tanning lotion. I heard great things about the St. Tropez line at Sephora, and I love it! If you aren't in the market for a $30-40 bottle of tanning lotion, I recently discovered the L'Oreal Sublime Bronzer Self Tanner [at Target, my favorite!] for only $9.99.
I honestly have to say that this lotion tans evenly, does not streak or turn you orange - and is just as good, if not better than the St. Tropez lotion. It is amazing! [I use both of these on my body only, I have sensitive skin so I use a more expensive tanning lotion on my face from Sephora. Christine and I both use it and love it! A tiny bit goes a long way, and one bottle lasts a long time.]

3. HAIR: I used to work at an Aveda salon, and have tried just about every Aveda product ever made. One of my favorite products was always the Air Control, because it is light weight and a great aerosol hairspray. I have fine hair, and it created volume without being sticky. I recently heard about This L'Oreal Elnett Hair Spray - and I LOVE IT! It has all of the great qualities as my Aveda Air Control, for half the price. I got mine at Target, but you can probably find it at any local drugstore. 
Have you ever tried any of these products? Do you have any other amazing finds we should know about? We love hearing about good deals!

xo Jen

To see more of Jen's shopping finds follow her on Instagram: @jenkm11 and if you haven't already follow Hello Fashion @christinegandrew. 

P.S. Yesterday my pictures stopped working because I had too much traffic for my "free" account on photobucket. (Sorry to those of you who stopped by and it showed a bunch of error messages!) If the pictures still aren't showing up on your computer you may need to clear out your cache in your browser and they will work again. Sorry guys! And as always THANKS SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING! 

Shades of Pastel

Yesterday I felt impulsive. Chop. Chop. I cut myself some bangs.

Top: F21 (recent)
Denim: UO
Pumps: Tj Maxx - Steve Madden
Purse: ALDO
Watch: ALDO

Since the shirt had this big bow and I wanted the colors to be the main focus I kept accessories super simple. Somedays I feel like less is more, others it's all about stacking it on :) Just go with your mood!

Lemon Lime

Top: Urban (old)
Denim: Urban
Scarf: ALDO - Mens
Boots: ALDO (old)
Accessories: Nordstrom & J.Crew
Sunglasses: American Eagle

Super short post today, my husband kept making me laugh so pictures just weren't happening.

I just found this Men's chambray looking scarf at ALDO last week and I can already tell it is going to be a new fave. If you haven't shopped the Men's Dept before, you should start, I swear a lot of my favorite things are actually Men's clothes.


Top: Old Navy
Skirt: H&M (old)
Shoes: Old Navy
Purse: H&M
Accessories: F21 & J. Crew
Sunglasses: American Eagle

Hope you all had a special Easter with family and friends! It was such a great weekend. Here's a few snaps from Easter festivities with the fam. 

Sunshine Yellow

I fell in love with these pants by default. When I went into Urban to order my mint skinnies they were sold out, so I just grabbed a random color to try on for size. Problem was I kind of loved the color once I tried it on, but I was set on the mint. I ordered the mint and left Urban thinking I would forget about them in a couple days. Well I didn't, I kept thinking about those pretty yellow pants. Three weeks later I couldn't resist it anymore, I needed them in my closet. 

Top: J. Crew (thrifted $5)
Denim: Urban
Belt: Old Navy
Flats: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Have a HAPPY EASTER everyone! 
We just got 4 inches of snow this morning, hoping the Easter Bunny melts that away ASAP :)

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