Breakfast. Coffee. Pancakes

Top. Zara // Denim Top. F21 (old) similar here // Denim. Zara // Kicks. Target
Sunglasses. Karen Walker // Bracelets. ILY COUTURE & ILY COUTURE c/o

So you have probably seen that thing going around Instagram where you write 5 random facts about yourself. I am too slow at typing on my phone so I thought I would share a little more about myself for my bday. 

1. Up until 8th grade I was the hugest tomboy. Loved basketball and football. I got first place at the punt, pass, kick competition in like 3rd or 4th grade for throwing (ya I beat out all the boys). My best friend Brittany and I were convinced we were going to be the first girls in the NFL. We would play catch in the yard for hours. 

2. I knew the first time Cody held my hand he was the one. Butterflies like nothing I could ever explain. It was crazy.

3. I secretly wish I was black. I love African American girls style. The swag and sassiness. Love it.

4. I love when someone tells me something can't be done. I will find a way to make it happen, thrive on challenge. 

5. I am deathly afraid of sharks, but for some reason I have it on my bucket list to swim with them. My fear has gotten worse recently to the point I have anxiety about going in the water where I can't see the bottom. We went swimming a couple years ago and I thought I saw a shark and started freaking out. I froze and started crying. My dad had to swim out and get me (come to find out it was just a rock). Might not be checking that one off the bucket list!

Thanks so much for reading!
Hope you all are staying warm :)

Backpacks & Birthdays

Top. F21 (order up a size)  // Denim. Zara // Shoes. F21 // 
Hat. Urban Outfitters // Backpack. Target //

 Probably my two favorite things right now are camo and neons, so a camo, neon backpack was like a dream come true. 

It's birthday week at our house!! 
My step daughter turns five today (she is growing up way too fast!!) and my b-day is Thursday. Birthday's actually turn into more of a month celebration.....
We may or may not have had homemade cinnamon rolls, ice cream, and pop corn every day this week. 
What can I say we like to party! 

 A special Happy Birthday to Daddy's little princess! 


Day to day I love to wear neutral shadows for a more natural look, but once in a while I like a pop of color. A thin line of neon eye shadow can totally pop your eye color. This fun eye shadow palette from Riesh has a rainbow of colors to match any ensemble. 

Includes both matte and shimmer shades ]
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Congrats Lindsey! 
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Cool Tones

Top. F21 (sale!) // Jacket. gift // Skirt. Zara // Heels. ALDO
Wallet. ILY COUTURE // Necklace. Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses. Michael Kors c/o

Quick post today - 
Hope you all are having a great week! 


This year has been about embracing new things and living in the moment. I wouldn't say as much a New Year's resolution as a change in perspective. We have a hectic life, but my husband and I both have a short attention span, so chaos fits us well. A couple years ago, when we first met, we wrote out our bucket list, things we wanted to do before we die. I was doing a deep clean and found our list [my husband's sentimental and keeps everything, I love it]. One of the big ones on the list was floor seats to a Laker's game. The Heat have probably become more of his favorite team since we wrote the list so a match up against the two was perfect. I was so excited to surprise him, and it didn't disappoint. 

[laker nation - go heat]


[marky mark - crushhhhhh]

[best of the best]

 [gabrielle union]

[lebron threw us his cup!]

You could literally hear everything the players were saying [most of the time cussing out the other team or making up nicknames for them], but it was just a whole different perspective of the game. Cody was in heaven. I tried not to be the creeper snapping pictures of everyone.... we saw Jack Nicholson, Hillary Duff, Queen Latifah, Andy Garcia, Ellen Pompeo, Wayne Brothers, Pat Riley, Floyd Mayweather, and a couple others walked right by us. We got to meet Mark Wahlberg and Gabrielle Union. 
One of the most fun nights ever!

Have you made a bucketlist? 
Which one are you most excited about?


Top: Target. // Dress. Victoria Secret. // Boots. Target. // Glasses. H&M

I love maxi's. They are for sure my go to piece in the spring/summer, but it's so hard for me to find long ones that go past my ankles. I was pretty excited when I found these online, and you can choose the length. A little more than I typically pay for a cotton dress but I know I will be getting a lot of wear out of this baby. 

LA was gorgeous last week. 81 degrees and pure sunshine.
You could say I'm ready to move. 

Lost Angeles

Top. F21 (sold out) // Jacket. Nordstroms. // Denim. F21. // Kicks. Steve Madden. // 
Glasses. H&M. // Bracelet. c/o ILY COUTURE 

I have been MIA last week sorry! I surprised the hubby with a last minute trip to LA to cross off a big one on our bucket list (more to share soon). I had every intention of posting this before I left and well.... life happens and time disappears :) Anywhoo, I'll be posting every day this week to make up for it! 

Hope you all had a great week - slash weekend! 


Sweater. Street Vendor - Europe. // Denim. Urban Outfitters. // Boots. Hunter. //Beanie. H&M.
Sunglasses. c/o Michael Kors. // Watch. Michael Kors. // Bracelet. c/o ILY COUTURE

Fur - Cast.

Top. J.Crew Factory (old) // Jacket. Target // Denim. F21 (old) // Boots. Tory Burch
Bag. ILY COUTURE // Glasses. Target // Necklaces. ILY COUTURE & ILY COUTURE

For some reason I have really been enjoying fur the last couple days.
  Fur and snow just seem to go hand and hand. 

We got dumped this weekend with 20 inches of snow. Yes 20. It snowed for three days straight. We snuck out at midnight the first night and made snow angels and ran through flurry. There is something so childish and pure about running through untouched blankets of snow.

You could say I'm a sucker for the winter white wonderland.
{Happy Monday!}

Hot for Pink

Sweater. J.Crew // Jacket. F21 // Denim. GAP // Boots. ALDO (old)
Sunglasses. c/o Michael Kors // Bracelet. ILY COUTURE

Neons are always one of my favorite colors to wear; Regardless of the season I love some bright color.

Ps. You have probably noticed my preview image in blog feeder isn't working. It's driving me crazy. I have read some other people are having this issue too. If anyone knows how to fix it I will be forever grateful!! {{slash send you a piece of jewelry}}

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Vitamin D.

Tank. F21 // Chambray. Target // Vest. F21 // Denim. AG Jeans // 
Boots. Nordstrom (sold out) also at Zappos // Ring. ILY COUTURE // Beanie. F21

I was going through my computer this weekend and found this outfit post from a couple weeks ago I had completely forgot about!
{ Back when it wasn't 5 degrees outside with a foot of snow }
 I'm jelly of all you guys that live in warm places. I'm in some serious need of some vitamin D!

Hope you all are having a great start to the week :)

Snow Bunny

Top. J.Crew. // Vest. H&M. // Coat. ILY COUTURE (order size up) // 
 Leather Pants. Paige Black Label on a budget. here // Boots. J. Crew // Bag. ILY COUTURE // 
Necklace. ILY COUTURE // Gloves. Riesh c/o // Sunglasses. H&M

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