Gimme that "C"

Gimme some chucks, coral, and comfort and I'm a happy lady! 

Some days my legs just want to be free! I get tired of denim but still want something casual. Tennies are a great way to dress down a skirt. Personally I love chucks and vanns but do whatever fits your style.

Tank: Target
Sweater: J.Crew
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Converse here
Scarf: Banana Republic
Necklace: J.Crew
Sunglasses: ALDO

This coral skirt was a happy surprise. I went to F21 to return a dress and I was one day past there stupid exchange policy so the lady wouldn't give me store credit she would only let me exchange it (why that's any different than store credit I still don't understand) anyways, I didn't have the time to go look for more stuff so I just grabbed the closest thing to the check out and it happened to fit and be something I liked! Love when that happens.


  1. chucks are always a good look! They are the only sneakers I buy lol That skirt is a really pretty color too!

    1. Aren't chucks the best?! I just read online about a place in Santa Monica where they have a converse store you can add studs or whatever to your chucks. Its like a DIY chuck store. I can't wait to go!

  2. Adorbs! Fab conbo :)

  3. cutest teeniest legs!! you rock this look girl, I could never pull it off!

    1. Girl you can pull anything off! You have cutest style!


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