Hair Tutorial: Messy Bun

A couple weeks ago I asked you guys to send me your questions about fashion, clothes, hair, etc. I love interacting with my readers! I got quite a few inquiries about how I do my hair. 

Kayee wrote:
"I love how you do your hair in a bun like in your March 28 Pop That Collar Post. Could you share how you make your messy bun? It looks so perfect!"

Full post from "Pop that Collar" here

Click on the video below for my how to tutorial on a Messy Bun

(Click on the video to see in full screen)

A few tips when doing a Messy Bun:
* Don't do it with straight hair, it works better with a day old curl or wave
*Don't brush it smooth, part of a messy bun is the mess! :)
 (I like the look of bumps and loose volume)
*If your hair doesn't have any volume you can back comb it a bit before putting it in a bun
*It may take a couple time. Sometimes the first time I put it up its super lopsided or I missed a chunk of hair. Don't stress if it takes a couple times to look right

I will be answering more questions next week. Keep them coming :)
Email to hellofashion123[at]


  1. Thank you for the tutorial, and I love everything about the "pop that collar" outfit ... don't know how I missed it before!

    1. Thanks girl! I think that was one of my favorite outfits too. Thanks for reading

  2. Thanks for this tutorial I absolutely love the way you do your messy bun!

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