Stolen Sequin.

Flannel. J. Crew // Vest. H&M (old similar here) // Skirt: Down East
Boots: Hunter (youth) // Bag: c/o Gigi New York 
Watch: Michael Kors // Ring: ILY COUTURE

Sorry I have been MIA last couple days. I surprised the fam with a last minute weekend trip to Disneyland. In my head I thought I'm going to get all my posts ready before we go buttttt that didn't quite happen.

Last week I was doing my blog reads and saw this skirt on my friend's blog, had one of those I MUST HAVE THIS moments. So I'm totally stealing her find. She dressed this little sequin number up for the perfect, classic holiday look so I wanted to show a fun way to dress it down for day to day wear. (P.s. If you haven't seen her blog // Pink Peonies // go look, you will have a new fave to follow )

If you click on the link to the Hunter Boots and are like, "Christine these are kids boots, what's going on??" Well it's because kids shoes are my new niche in finding a deal:
Adult Hunter Boots: $135
 Youth Hunter Boots: $75
Almost half the price and they look the exact same. I got a youth size 6, which is supposed to be a women's 8. They are still a little big, so I bet if your an 8.5 they would still work great. They also have a lot of color's that aren't offered in adult sizes. So it's kind of like a no brainer.

Hope you all are having a great week!! Happy Wednesday :)


  1. Love the plaid with the sequin

  2. Wow! I had no idea that you could do that with Hunter boots!

  3. I had no idea children's shoes sizes over-lapped with the women's. Thanks for sharing that!

  4. I do the same thing with Uggs children's sizing!

  5. Such a fun fashion forward way to style it! Thanks for the kids shoes tip :)

  6. Too bad I wear a woman's 11! That would have been such a steal. Love the skirt!

  7. You're a genius, I totally wanted hunter boots but coudn't justify the pricetag, and since I'm women size 7, I can totally get away with the junior section ones ! Thanks ! BTW, you look amazing !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  8. I love the way you styled this!!! Amazing look. I follow Rachel gals both have amazing blogs:-)
    Thanks for the style inspiration each day

  9. would never think of pairing the plaid shirt with the sequined skirt but you do it well! xo

  10. I LOVE your little plaid shirt!
    xo Josie

  11. i LOVE this look, christine!! one of my favorites of yours ever!!

  12. This looks reminds me a lot of The Pink Peonies and I love her style as well! That sequin skirt is gorgeous, I wouldn't have thought to pair it with a plaid top but it works!

    The Weekend Diary

  13. Absolutely positively loving everything about this!

  14. flawlessly casual chic in your sequin skirt!
    love it!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  15. You took a super fancy skirt and dressed it down very well! You could def. model for j.crew. :) Checkout my gift guide of the week: For the Co-workers!

    A Pop of Style

  16. That is such a cute look. And thanks for the tips on the rain boots!

  17. Thanks for the hint on the boots! I've been wanting a pair.


  18. Your skirt is so sparkle. Love it. And i have a pair of slipper of that color.

  19. Your skirt is so sparkle. LOVE it. And a friend of mine has a pair of slipper of that color.

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    always good to read and get to know quality stuff...

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  21. Love this outfit! I have this skirt and shirt and never would've thought to pair them together--so cute! Love your blog! xo.

  22. You look so adorable! I love the plaid shirt with the sequin skirt! And thanks for the tip on the Hunters! I've wanted a pair for a while, but just cant justify the price. I've just added the youth ones to my Christmas wishlist! Love your blog! xoxo

  23. I love this outfit. It's so much fun. I would have NEVER thought of it.

  24. unlikely combo of the sequin and boots, but i'm diggin it! good call on the hunters. genius.

  25. I love Pink Peonies and I love your style as well! I actually saw this on hers the other day and died. It is definitely one of those must have moments! I LOVE the way you dressed it down though... seriously amazing.
    I would love it if you would check out my blog :) I am a huge fan!
    Thank you :)
    Sara Lynn

  26. Love this look! I think I have the same H&M vest!!


    Five Minute Style 

  27. Love this look! I need this skirt! What size are you wearing!? I'm a 0/sometimes 2, but not sure what size to get??? Is there any give/stretch in the skirt? Would love your help!


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