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I think baby/toddler shoes are one of my favorite things to buy. One because I just love shoes, and two because their mini size just makes them ten times cuter. Nordstrom has always been my go to for classic kids shoes like Converse,  Hunters, and NikeThese were actually Beckam's first pair of shoes and they stay on so well even being a size big. I'm also obsessed with these mini Lebron's they just got for Spring. I have to get Beckam a pair to match his Dad.

I know I have mentioned it a couple times, but I totally buy kids shoes for myself. I am a women's size 8 and get a 6 in kids. You can save a few bucks on shoes they make in both adults and kids and a lot of times they have brighter color options like pinks and neons in kids sizes verses adults. You probably remember the mint hunters I've worn on my blog and Instagram a lot (they are kids shoes). I'm loving this pink pair. I think they are next on my list. Also these cute jelly Burberry's are only $75.

Favorite Boy Shoes.

Favorite Girl Shoes.

For Moms. 


  1. Love those pink Hunters and the pear poncho! Too cute :)

  2. Those baby moccasins are too cute!


  3. Adorable! And love the picks for mom's shoes!!


  4. I love this post! So adorable:)

    XO, Nessa

  5. Love this post! So adorable:)
    XO, Nessa:)


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