Why Invest in Designer Shoes?

 LOOK 1 - The heel every woman needs
Sweater (sized up for oversized look - on sale 40% off)  // Distressed Boyfriend Jeans // Christian Louboutin Heels // Prada Bag // Silver Bracelets // Sunglasses

LOOK 2 - The classic boot
Sweater (sized up for oversized look - on sale 40% off) // Joes Coated Denim (runs true to size) // Quilted Over the Knee Boots // Prada Bag // Silver Bracelets // Silver Bar Thumb Ring // Sunglasses

Today marks part two of my segment on investment pieces. Today I am excited to discuss my hands down favorite thing to buy: shoes! Shoes are the creme de la creme of an outfit. A simple addition of a great pair of shoes can completely (and instantly) change your look. They are one of the first things people are drawn to in an outfit so invest there first. The above two looks feature the two classic designer styles I bought this season: these nude patent pumps, and these quilted over the knee boots, also got these suede beauties (not pictured).  

For me a great pair of heels can do wonders, I know for others it's a gorgeous pair of flats, or a classic leather boot. Whatever your style, I think we all agree there is nothing like the confidence you get wearing a killer pair of shoes. 

So let's talk designer shoes:
1. Material Matters - The first piece you invest in will quickly become your favorite. As all favorites do, it will get a lot of wear. Consider the wear of a shoe’s material before your first big purchase. I have found that patent shoes are less prone to scuffs and scratches than soft leather. This extends the life of the shoe, particularly if they are worn non-stop. My favorite patent designer pumps are my Christian Louboutins and Manolo Blanhiks. If you are adding to a collection of investment shoes, then go for a gorgeous suede or soft leather. 

2. First Stop: Neutrals - This may seem repetitive from Monday's post, but I can’t say it enough: a classic, neutral shoe will never go out of style. It is the most universal, versatile piece you will ever own. Designer shoes should be something that you can wear with everything because, trust me, you will. Since neutral palettes work for every season, they never go on sale. In fact, lots of designer neutrals, like these Christian Loubuotins, sell out quickly. Often they offer pre-sales at the beginning of the season and if you don't order them then, the popular sizes sell out by the time they come in stock. So if you come across a neutral pair you are ready to buy, don’t hesitate.

3. Dish on the Designers - 
* COMFORT - Manolo Blanhiks - I got my first pair of Manolo's this year and I was shocked how comfortable they are. The first time I wore them I was at a work conference and was able to wear them all day with out feeling anxious to kick them off to let my feet relax. I have also heard the Valentino with the kitten heel is really comfortable as well. 
* BEAUTY - Christian Louboutin - Hands down these shoes are the show stoppers. Every time I put them on I fall in love. They are not the most comfortable for long periods of time, but if I would say buy any shoe it would be these. Just got these beautiful suede ones
* BOOTS - Stuart Weitzman - Their boots are classic and modern. The most popular style is the 5050 which has an elastic panel on the back which creates a sleek slim fit for all leg sizes. Loving these quilted ones and these suede ones
* SPICE - Valentino -  I love the details on these shoes from the strappy silhouettes to the iconic metal hardware. These shoes are a designer staple for your shoe collection. They have them in all heel heights which make them accessible to any style. Also in love with these grey booties they just released and these classic bow D'Orsay pumps.  

4. Let the Shoes Speak - One of my favorite thing about designer shoes is the quality is often seen in the simplicity of your look. If you look at celebrity street style most of their looks are simple and crisp. You don't need a loud noisy outfit, often the minimalist looks make your shoes stand out the most. Let your shoes do the talking!

Below are a few designer favorites:
Stuart Weitzman Quilted Napa Leather Over-The Knee Boots

If you missed part one on investing in designer handbags - read the round up here



*Photos by Emily Lowe


  1. Loving both looks. The booties are to die for <3


  2. Loving both of these looks! I agree, every girl should own a neutral tone heel!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. I'm completely in love with the 1st outfit!!


  4. Love the Louboutins! And, I agree - neutral is the way to go!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com
    Come by! Weekly Style Me Wednesday fashion blog link-up

  5. I was always skeptical about designer shoes, until my boyfriend bought me a pair of suede Gucci pumps for Christmas one year. They are the most comfortable heels I own by far, and the quality is impeccable. I know they'll last forever, and since then I've grown a fairly sizable collection of designer shoes.

    xo Julie

  6. I completely agree with you! You definitely get what you pay for with designer shoes. I've also found that they are MUCH more comfortable than some of my other shoes. Patent leather designer shoes will actually "mold" to your feet and fit you better over time.

    Thanks for sharing. Your outfits are all gorgeous, btw. <3

    xo Azu


  7. Loving this outfit!! :)


  8. I agree with you!! I don't want to sound snobby, but I always try to acquire the best shoes my money can buy. If you look at my blog, you will see I save on pieces such as shirts, skirts, pants…etc. I even opt for vintage and thrift items in order to save my money and be able to invest in classic heels which in the end will make my outfits look polished. By the way, have you tried on Stuart Weitzman Nouveau pumps? They are super comfy and well made.

    LEOPARD AND BURGUNDY…latest post at:

  9. love both, but especially love the ripped jeans you are wearing in the first outfit!


  10. Really enjoying these posts, Christine! Always love your footwear.

    Heidi D.

  11. I just [finally] purchased the Valentino Rockstuds and I am so in love I can't explain it.


  12. i couldn't agree more! shoes are such a wardrobe staple and they're definitely something i don't like to skimp on!

    charlotte x

  13. Your style is always on point! Lovely look!


  14. Loving both of these looks so much! :-) Happy Friday x


  15. Do you find your designer pieces get worn out faster with kids? Or do you think its better to invest in them because they last longer with kids?


  16. Another post to send to my husband! See babe.... she agrees - material matter! ;)


  17. How great are those quilted boots!


  18. I love both your neutral pumps and the quilted boots. What a lovely collection you have!

  19. They are all sooo dreamy!!
    I love the pointy nudes :D xx
    Seven Days

  20. Those quilted Stuart Weitzman boots are To.Die.For. So gorgeous! And worth every cent!


  21. Amazing jeans and love those quilted boots. ;)

    xo Jenny

  22. Completely agree! Definitely worth the investment! Nothing lasts as long or looks as beautiful for such a long time!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  23. I agree that shoes are a great investment! It's a balancing act but investing on accessories is essential!


  24. Amazing post!


  25. Ohh dear I'm in love with your Shoe Selection. ❤ really Adore. and yeah Clothing also. :)

  26. awesome tips! have yet to invest, but someday! adore the boots
    ladies in navy

  27. OMG! I love those boots!! I am so buying them.


    Susana S.

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