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Ok guys, let’s get real for a second. As fast as fashion is evolving, it can be hard to keep up. And when you take a moment to consider how many trends emerge each season, it can be overwhelming. You might give them a fair shot, but it can be tricky to really feel like you are mastering the look. The progression of style might be frustrating, but it is what makes fashion fun! How else are you going to get that thrill when you rock a new fad for the first time? Earlier this week I asked you to submit one thing you love about style and something you find challenging via Facebook. Because every girl should know the feeling of conquering a trend, here are a few quick tips to turn those challenges into triumphs.  The looks below are just slightly varied to help answer your questions and give you ideas for varying one outfit.

Q: I just can’t pull of crop tops. Help?
Conquering the Crop: This year we are seeing with increasing frequency the crop top. This may seem like a tough trend, but a few simple guidelines will leave you looking like a pro. But be prepared: once you successfully crop, you can’t stop!
·      When showing skin, keep it minimal. A pencil skirt will leave a crop top looking polished but also let you bare a little skin.
·      To cover up, layer a longer shirt under a cropped sweater. This bottom layer is a great place to incorporate a pattern to keep your look more interesting.
·      Crop tops come in a range of lengths, so find one that you feel is flattering and play with waistlines or layering lengths until you land on the perfect combination.

Grey and Black Stripe Tee (on sale under $10) // Black Crop Sweater //  Vegan Leather Skirt (old similar here - also loving this leather pencil skirt and this mini) // Black and Plaid Scarf // Quilted Boots
Sunglasses (on sale - 25% off code: FAMILY25) // Michael Kors Watch // Silver Bracelets // Rings

Q: How can I successfully mix prints and patterns?
Mastering the Mix: Don’t be intimidated by the thought of mixing multiple patterns into your look. The truth is, it is surprisingly difficult to mess up when mixing just two prints, but here are a few beginner basics to keep in mind.
·      Mixing classic patterns requires minimal effort. Combos like plaid and leopard, stripes and plaid, and dots and stripes will always result in a winning look.
·      Try pieces with common colors present to make sure patterns complement each other instead of clashing. Ex: Black tied into a plaid, stripe, and/or animal print.
·      Create a base that anchors your look by wearing a solid-colored piece.
·      Mix small and large patterns! Same-sized patterns will compete with each other, but bold and subtle prints together, like today’s large plaid with thin stripes and small animal print, make the mix seem more cohesive.
·      Monochromatic patterns, like these black quilted boots, are a subtle and seamless way to incorporate a second (or even third!) pattern into your look.
For More Bold Pattern Mixing:
·     Try animal print on animal print. You can also incorporate stripes or checks to bring in more pattern.
Grey and Black Stripe Tee (on sale under $10) // Black Crop Sweater //  Vegan Leather Skirt (old similar here - also loving this leather pencil skirt and this mini) // Leopard Ankle Booties (25% off code: FAMILY25) // Animal Print Clutch (also loving this one
Sunglasses (on sale - 25% off code: FAMILY25) // Michael Kors Watch // Silver Bracelets // Rings

Q: What boot looks best with what hem length and should I show socks or skin?
This is really based on preference. I wear ankle boots with all hem lengths. With jeans I tuck them into boots, with skirts I wear socks or I go bare skin. If you are going to go with bunched socks shoot for dresses or skirts that hit at the knee or above. Longer pieces will crop the length of your legs and make them look shorter. Start with black knit socks paired with black boots it is the easiest way to ease into the trend. 
Grey and Black Stripe Tee (on sale under $10) // Black Crop Sweater //  Vegan Leather Skirt (old similar here - also loving this leather pencil skirt and this mini) // Black and Plaid Scarf // Black Suede Boots 
Black Socks // Sunglasses (on sale - 25% off code: FAMILY25) // Michael Kors Watch // Silver Bracelets // Rings

Q: How can I make affordable pieces look high-end?
Budget-Friendly Feats: The key to making budget-friendly pieces look more expensive is to integrate investment pieces. Staple footwear like a black suede or leopard bootie are always a worthy investment. They instantly elevate a wardrobe, as discussed in this post.  Designer handbags are also great pieces to amp up an outfit. If you missed my post on why they are such great investment pieces, read more here.

If you have more questions or things you would like to see on the blog leave a comment below I would love to answer them in future posts. Hope you all are having a great week!

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  1. So many great pieces at Target this season! All the booties are gorgeous


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    Heidi D.

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    I can't wait to see more pictures from Paris!

  7. These are great tips and you've made it simple to ease trends into my wardrobe seamlessly. Love your outfit choices!

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    Style by Joules

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    My Fashion Fancies

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