Trends always cycle back around! SAVE YOUR OLD CLOTHES.

Sometimes I get mad at myself for getting rid of stuff because a couple years later it is back in style, and I think to myself "crap why did I get rid of that". I've had this mint scarf since high school and lucky for me pastels are so in right now. So dig through your closet and see if you can find yourself a hidden treasure :)

I got this turtleneck at Old Navy this weekend for $2! I was so excited. 

Shirt: Old Navy 
Scarf: way old, no clue
Purse: Old Navy
Jeans: Hudson
Boots: ALDO


  1. Also loving Mint right now! Love that scarf!

  2. thanks! now I'm anxiously waiting for spring so I can wear my mint&coral pants :)

  3. You look wonderful!


  4. I like this colour. Do you like follow each other? I´d be glad. Let me know. Melly ♥


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